Comstock Ave Road Closure North of the Waverly Ave Intersection

Beginning Monday, June 18th, Comstock Avenue will be closed from the Waverly Ave intersection north to the Booth Garage entrance. The remainder of the block north of the Booth Garage entrance will be temporarily converted to 2-way traffic to allow for uninterrupted access to the Garage (to and from Marshall Street). The work is planned for completion by Monday, June 25th, at which time traffic flow will return to normal. Use caution in the area and follow local signage.

Pedestrian pathways on adjacent sidewalks will not be impacted. See the map below for additional information.

During the closure, the Office of Campus Planning, Design and Construction (CPDC), in partnership Physical Plant and the City of Syracuse, will be repairing a damaged section of sewer piping located under Comstock Avenue.

If you have any construction-related questions, comments or suggestions, please email For parking concerns, call Parking and Transit Services at 315-443-4652.

If you have questions pertaining to accessibility, contact the Office of Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services, at 315-443-4018,, or

Comstock Ave Road Closure North of the Waverly Ave Intersection


Newforma Actions Items – Respond to an action item

  1. When an action item is assigned to you an email will be generated, either in the form of an individual email pertaining to an individual action item or via a summary email pertaining to a group of action items (i.e. meeting minutes).Opening the action item (either by clicking on the link contained in the email or by seeking the action item out within the project in Newforma) will populate a screen like this:
    Newforma Form for Modifying an action item
    All of the information you need to perform the action should be included on this screen, if it is not, see the person indicated in the “Assigned By” field.
  2. STEP 1: Begin working on the assigned action and change the item status

    As soon as you begin performing your action change the “Status” indicator to “In Process”. Progress can also be monitored with the “Percent Complete” field.

    *Status can be changed from “Not Started” to “In Progress” or “Waiting on Someone Else” and “Action Completed” by the person responding to the action.

    Not Started is auto populated when the item is generated.

    In Progress should be selected when you begin working on the Item

    Waiting on Someone Else should be selected when progression is halted when waiting for a response from an outside party

    Action Completed should be selected when the person assigned the action item thinks it is ready for closure.

    *Status’ “Completed” and “Deferred” will only be changed by the action owner (the Assigned By)


    A view of the “In Process” action item:
    Newforma form for an in process action item
  3. STEP 2: Record a summary of the status of your action and steps you are taking to resolve the request

    Click on the “Discussion” tab. This space will record all of the communication regarding the action item. To create a new entry select “Add…”
    Newforma Form for Discussion tab for an action item

    The dialogue box will look like this:
    Newforma Add Discussion Dialog Box

    Add your comments:

    Newforma Action Items Discussion Item Dialog box with comments

    Notice the “Action:” dropdown box contains 4 choices; “Comment”, “Approved”, “Rejected”, and “Completed”. This is where you will indicate when you have completed the action. This allows the action to be reviewed and modified by the assigner prior to closure.

    Supporting docs can be added to an item to help support your remarks.  Click on the Supporting Documents Tab and click on the Add Files button to select documents to add.

    Each new entry requires a new discussion item. Do not add to an existing item, create a new discussion item.

    Once you are confident the action is ready to be closed out change the status (should say In Progress right now) to say Action Complete. This will alert your action owner to close the item or reject your status changes

    Newforma Action Item action complete status dialog box
  4. STEP 3: Submitting your updates

    Finally, submit your changes to the person that assigned you the task and anyone indicated in the CC section.

    Newforma Action Item Send Notification Dialog Box

    Make sure to check the box for “Send change notification email”. This will auto generate an email to the action item stakeholders.

    Click ok and the email is generated in Outlook. Check the TO and CCs to ensure they are correct and send the email.  There will be a dialog box asking if you would like to “Yes, Send and File” or “No, Continue with Normal Send”.  Select Yes, Send and File in Item to record the email in the action item Email Log.

    Newforma Email Filing Dialog Box for Outlook

    If any additional discussion items are entered you will receive an email from Newforma. Repeat the steps above to resubmit your response.

    Once the action item has been approved for completion by the action owner it will be updated and marked complete in NewForma. You will receive an email indicating your action has been closed.