Building Temperature Control and Policy

Building Temperature Control

Occupied Spaces:
The established temperature guidelines are:

  • 68 °F during the heating season (September 15 – May 15)
  • 76 °F during the cooling season (May 16 – September 14)

Unoccupied Spaces:

  • 60 °F during the heating season
  • 85 °F during the cooling season.

* Cooling temperatures only apply where air conditioning equipment currently exists. Some exceptions include laboratories, research areas and art/book archives.

Heating/Cooling Schedule Changes

Need a special heating or cooling schedule for a building/room because of a change in use, occupancy or an upcoming special event?

Campus Policy:  Air Conditioners or Space Heaters

Use/installation of window air conditioners, portable spot coolers and portable space heaters requires joint authorization from the offices of Campus Planning, Design and ConstructionPhysical Plant; and Energy Systems & Sustainability Management. New installations of window air conditioners are to only provide controlled environments for research or sensitive equipment when other methods are not appropriate.

For additional information please visit the Syracuse University Policy Website