Steam Station and Chilled Water Plant

Steam Station

Syracuse University's Steam Station produces steam around the clock, 365 days a year. The steam, probably best known for heating most Main Campus buildings, also runs SU's Chilled Water Plant turbine during the warmer months, providing chilled water to many Main Campus buildings for air conditioning. Other campus building operations that may rely on steam include domestic hot water production, sterilization, cooking and humidification. Some steam is also sold to neighboring hospitals and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Steam service is metered and costs are allocated monthly to users.

Chilled Water Plant

Syracuse University operates a central chilled water plant for summer cooling of various main campus buildings with two 3200 ton Carrier steam driven, centrifugal machines. The Plant was constructed in the late 1960’s with an addition in the early 1970’s. A  building addition was contructed in 2003, between the existing Chilled Water Plant and the Steam Station Garage is where the new machine is housed. Various pumps, electrical equipment, air compressors, and associated piping, are also present.

The plant operates a 4 cell cooling tower with maximum circulation rate of 11,500 gallons with a sump of 86,000 gallon capacity. The closed system consists of a 500,000 gallon system which circulates at a maximum rate of 8000 gallons per minute.


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